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Academic Support

Our success in writing services is due to our quality, professionalism, experience and affordable prices. We fully respect intellectual property and take every possible measure to ensure that the work delivered is completely free of plagiarism.

As one of the leading companies in this field, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Although rarely required, we offer unlimited reviews to all our customers. We also provide writing, grammar and communication tips for your incomings.

Over the past years, we have helped hundreds of students around the world to submit their dissertations and be approved at the first submission. We are extremely experienced professionals, with attention to detail, which is why we maintain good relationships with many of our clients.

The University Student Support is active in the field of education, providing full support throughout the studies in diploma and diploma theses, student courses, translations and Spss analysis.

Task support in the following areas

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Analysis-Statistics, Spss etc.
  • Architecture, Graphic Design, Design, Photography
  • Automation
  • Blockchain-smart contracts, Theories, How to , use-case research ,coding
  • Biological sciences
  • Business Administration – MBA etc.
  • Crop Production
  • Engineering, CAD, Solid works etc.
  • English
  • Film Theory
  • Psychology (qualitative /quantitative research)
  • Public Administration
  • Economy – Finance – Stock Exchange etc.
  • Geography – Environmental studies etc.
  • History – Archaeology
  • I.T. – Programming – Networks
  • Library science
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine – Nursing etc.
  • Nutrition
  • Philology – Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Theology
  • Tourism businesses

And many additional fields that we can undertake. Contact us for detailed information.

Types of Academic Tasks

A Thesis is characterized in terms of language and style by austerity, precision and clarity. Support is available for the following:

  • Defining a topic
  • Thesis structure
  • Bibliographic research
  • Creating a diagram
  • Indexing
  • Writing a final text
  • Bibliography – Contents – Appendices – Acknowledgments

Postgraduate Thesis

The choice of topics, the elaboration, the writing of the text, the presentation, and the correct evaluation of the work are significant. The preparation of a master’s thesis is mandatory in most postgraduate departments and needs to be original. The choice of a topic for the dissertation requires a preparation that includes the following actions:

  • Overview of the relevant literature
  • Identify the problem and compile a list of research questions or hypotheses that are of interest to solve or investigate
  • Selection of the type of work to which the student chooses the approach (e.g. empirical study, case study, model development/design, strategic analysis, etc.)

Application for Doctoral Thesis
We provide support for the application of a doctoral dissertation, as well as its elaboration.

Our company undertakes the translations of all kinds of texts such as:

  • Official or certified translations (i.e. translations to be submitted to public bodies and services, such as town halls, registry offices, ministries, tax offices, universities)
  • Translations of scientific texts

I.T. Informatics – Digital Projects and Platforms

Starting with your needs and tasks, we can help you create applications that require highly specialized skills. Our experience is at your disposal.
We provide support on software development and IT applications of all kinds, as well as services for individuals and businesses. More specifically, in:

  • Websites (simple – basic, e-shop, Blog, corporate, academic, etc)
  • WAMP – XAMP server
  • Graphic Design & Content Creation (Photoshop , Blender , Youtube content etc), UI-UX design and prototyping ,Banners for social ads,Documents Design (white paper , technical doc , infographics etc),Small animation banner (gif) ,UI-UX design and prototyping for applications (ex.: crypto wallets , mobile – desktop applications) ,Complete branding design – creation (logo , branding guide etc).
  • SQL, PHP, etc.
  • Computer or mobile software in all programming languages (Python, Java, C, etc)
  • Virtual Machines
  • Special personalized software platforms
  • Support for educational work in the fields of information technology and code (school work, semester work, etc.)
  • Infrastructure – support and simulations (p.c. build guides and package lists) of home and corporate systems and networks (simulation with ns2, packet tracer and riverbed)
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino & FPGA builds and development
  • Studies – constructions of basic systems of artificial intelligence and automation A.I. and Machine learning
  • Statistics – Analytics (IBM Spss, sas enterprise, rapid miner etc)
  • Blockchain-smart contracts, Theories, How to , use-case research ,coding etc.
  • Cloud and SAAS infrastructure and software

And many additional fields that we can undertake. Contact us for detailed information.